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  • 5 foolproof ways to make sure you are hiring the best investigation agency for your organisation


    India has been witnessing a massive growth across all sectors and enjoying a booming economy, the demand for jobs has also seen exponential growth, and so has the competition to land these jobs. An unfortunate by-product of this competition has been frauds conducted by employees. Leaking company information to competitors and faking their credentials has been identified as one of the prime frauds conducted by ‘talents’ to climb the ladder and enhance their career graph.

    With employees having access to sensitive and confidential information, data theft, financial fraud, corporate espionage, and intellectual property violation has seen a sudden rise in India. Around 52% of Indian respondents reported a data breach last year, way above the global average of around 36%, causing organisations and corporates to be at obvious risk, and creating an active need for corporates to look out and partner with the best investigation agency in the industry in order to safeguard their corporate interest.

    In the corporate world today, there are many unknowns that have led to several unfortunate incidents, where corporates have faced financial and reputational loss due to frauds and misbehaviour conducted by their employees or by dealing with the wrong business partners. In these scenarios, organisations offering investigation services provide a vital source of much-needed insight and information to allow businesses to make more informed decisions while hiring candidates or dealing with potential business partners.

    Organisations that have carried out background checks on their employees have found that 23% of the applicants have discrepancies out of which 52% is related to their educational qualification and 11% related to past employment discrepancies. Similarly, with multiple scams happening in recent times, where institutional investors and even the banking sectors have been scammed by unscrupulous businessmen, it is vital for companies to keep a check on the business partners and associates they work with or invest in.

    With rising threats to businesses, partnering with a credible dependable investigation agency has become the need of the hour, and below are 5 important points you can keep in mind to ensure the detective agency in india you decide to partner with is of a correct choice:

    1. Possess Government licensing: The agency should possess relevant licenses required under the law such as the Private Detective Agency (Regulation) Bill, 2007. Unlicensed agencies do not have the authorisation to carry out investigations and might resort to unscrupulous tactics which could have possible legal ramifications for your organisation. 
    2. Have ISO certification: Agencies that are ISO certified have a very through operational procedures that allow them to process cases in a more systematic manner. This ensures no deviation is taking place from standard protocol hence every case is dealt with the same seriousness and thoroughness allowing for a more effective investigative partner.
    3. Have data security and integrity measures in place: Private investigators will have access to a lot of your companies sensitive data which is needed to carry out the investigation. It is essential to ensure that the agency you decide to partner with has a strong process and technology data security in place to handle your data responsibly. From data encryption to physical access control are measures which the best investigation agencies have in place to prevent any data breaches.
    4. Experience in the industry: Investigations is a field which is built on experience, agencies who have been in the business for years have historical knowledge and experience which helps them understand and tackle any contingency that comes across. Investigation agencies also function on the basis of trust and faith of their clients, and those agencies that have been functioning for a long period of time have had a long list of satisfied clients who have helped sustain the agency for so long.
    5. Industry Foresight: An agency that is always at the forefront of identifying new innovation and technology has the ability to be more prepared during an investigation. Having a vision and foresight for the future allows the agency to adapt and evolve to changing market scenario, legal compliance, and privacy norms, proving to be advantageous over other agencies and ensures their clients are not exposed to any risks when an investigation is being conducted.

    By following some of the above measures, companies can now make more informed choices while partnering with an investigation agency in India. In the end, the best investigation agencies have a strong mix of people, technology and processes to help collect and analyse data from multiple sources.

    How can TOPS Investigations help businesses protect themselves?

    We at TOPS Investigations, handle over half a million cases each year and are a pioneer and leader in the investigations industry. With our experience, cutting-edge technology, skill and bandwidth, have helped businesses protect themselves from industrial espionage, falsification of records by employees and business associates, and data theft and leakages. By protecting our clients from fraudulent financial claims, fake resume cases and many more, we are proud to have become the most coveted organisation for protecting clients and exposing potential frauds.

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