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  • 7 important things to keep in mind to make sure you are hiring the best security company in Delhi


    Delhi, may be the national capital of India but due to various circumstances, it also has a distinction of being one of the most unsafe cities in the country with over 283 criminal incidents per 100,000 people being observed in the last year. And the trends seem to indicate that this crime rate will not go down any time soon as cases of theft, burglary, harassment, and even murder have only increased.

    With an ever increasing large migrant population and the city being surrounded with different states having their own law and order situation, along with the increasing disparity between the rich and poor, the safety and security situation in Delhi seems highly unlikely to improve anytime soon.

    With the people to police personnel ratio in India at 138 officers per 1 lakh people which is the 5th lowest ration in the world, the police force is overburdened and sometimes lacks the correct resources to tackle the safety and security challenges they are up against. Businesses should look at alternative security services in Delhi to help protect their loved ones and to protect their business assets. A private security company in Delhi can help reduce the risk of criminal incidents, and can act as a strong deterrent against certain people residing in our society that possess harmful and criminal intentions. 

    Private security agencies train their security guards to handle a wide range of safety and security issues in a professional manner. Private security guards usually are the first line of defence, protecting the public from  criminal incidents like theft, assault, sexual harassment, kidnapping, and murder. 

    The best security company have a customer centric approach and design holistic bespoke security solutions that are tailor made and catered to your business’ security needs. Using advanced surveillance technology, high-end access control systems, precise manpower deployment who are trained to handle a vast array of contingent incidences, allows them to enforce better safety and security around business assets such as offices and factories and can also be deployed to safeguard housing communities and societies. A few security companies even offer quick response solutions which can deploy a security team instantly to control critical situations in the event of an attempted kidnapping or sexual assault or even property intrusion. Security risks and needs also keep on changing, so there is a need for a security partner who regularly reviews your security risks via regular audits and constantly updates the people and the technology solutions deployed to handle those threats. 

    Here are 7 important points to keep in mind to make sure you are hiring the best security company in Delhi that will help keep your business, your brand, your customers, your employees and you safe and secure.


    • Consider the reputation of an organisation: Reputation of the security company is the main concern when it comes to our safety. The history of the security firm and who all they have served previously becomes a measure to assess them. You can check the accolades, awards, and clients of the security company on their website as well as carry out on online search and check online reviews to understand the company's overall reputation and also carry our reference checks with their existing customers to understand the on ground reality also.
    • Training: Apart from the government mandated 160 hours of training, reliable agencies invest additional off-site and on-site training to ensure that the guards protecting the  people are capable of handling any emergency situation. Guards are trained in self-defence, crowd control, people skills, surveillance technology, evacuation management, fire response, and even counter terrorism techniques. During on-site trainings, guards are made to understand the security challenges of each location they are deployed at and are trained to handle the unique security challenges specific to that site.
    • Non-Unionized: Employees being unionized puts the company hiring an agency at risk as there are higher chances of industrial dispute which can hamper operations. When the employees are not unionized they are more trustworthy and provide a more reliable security operation.
    • Background Verification: Guards from a good security agency are always background checked and police verified to ensure their dependability and reliability. This is done to ensure that the clients and the public at large can depend and trust the guards as they have better faith in the credibility of the guards
    • Additional Services Provided: Keeping in mind future scalability and flexibility in your security operations, choose a security agency who can provide additional support services apart from just man guarding. These services include investigation services, emergency response services, surveillance technology, and facility management service. This gives you the ability to consolidate your non-core business operation with a single solution provider in a more seamless and cost effective manner.
    • Compliant and Authorised: A security provider should follow all Government rules and regulations. These include rules related with the training requirements and following other statutory compliances that include providing employee benefits like PF, ESI, and reasonable working hours and leave policies. The security agency should have an ISO certification and possess a PASARA license, this determines the compliance to the local laws of the security agency.
    • Industry leadership: It is imperative to choose a security company which is well-equipped with the latest technology, well-trained security personnel, etc. Always choose a company which is experienced enough to identify every possible threat  and would be able to deliver a comprehensive strategy for the safety of everyone.


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