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  • Why do you need an event security company to secure your event?


    From sports to entertainment to grand weddings, the scope and scale events across India has been growing larger and larger, the famous Ambani wedding was a prime example. While previously local security agencies had been able to fulfil the security needs for these events, with the growing complexity and the new threats that didn’t exist before, it has become very critical for event organisers to hire event security companies which specialise in managing large scale events and have the technical capabilities to ensure complete safety of the event.

    Securing a large scale event where tens of thousands of people gather in confined spaces requires a high degree of planning and require suitable people in charge who can handle any contingencies. From ensuring fire safety to crowd control to managing evacuation requires skilled operational planning. With a mix of pre-planning, surveillance and technology, trained professionals at event security agencies are able to manage and handle situations of unrest, terrorism, fire incidences, and evacuation during a stampede in a much more efficient and organised way which leads to lives being saved and helps minimise damage to assets.

    How does a event security company manage an event?

    Event security companies plan for minor and major vulnerabilities to make sure that no such area of threat is left open. To make this happen, manpower, security cameras, and communication devices have to strategically be placed across the venue. A contingency plan has to be devised and put in place so that immediate action is taken to manage any sort of uncertainties.

    Here are Top 3 protocols a security company should always follow to make sure the event is risk-free: 

    Venue Management: Venue reconnaissance is absolutely essential to understand the place where the event is going to be held. Understanding the floor plan, planning for crowd flow, understanding venue entry and exit points, and identifying potential choke points or other hazards is an essential part of securing an event and needs to be undertaken by professionals who have specialised training in this field.

    Communicating and close coordination with the event management team: While event security teams manage the event security, it's the job of the event management agency or team to handle the running of the regular operations of the event. Event managers manage the schedule of the event and are aware of the event flow with timelines. It is the duty of the event security team to work closely with the event management team to effectively manage resource deployment and ensure that any deviation of the event schedule is handled seamlessly, and security assets are deployed at the correct location at the correct time. Event managers also need to be made aware that all security and safety related decisions need to be deferred to the event security company who should have the final say to ensure lives are kept safe and assets protected.

    Plan for Contingent assets: Contingent assets are services that help event security agencies manage disasters and other unplanned contingencies. Contingent assets include ambulances, fire fighting trucks, emergency vehicles, and additional manpower to help evacuate people to a safe zone in an emergency situation. These are assets which need to be deployed in adequate numbers even if the probability of their use is less. This ensures that in any situation, the event security teams have the resources to manage any situation.

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