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A medical emergency, an accident, or crisis can happen to anyone, anytime, and at any place. It can happen in the form of a road accident, or as a natural disaster like the Mumbai mega-flood of 2005. One must be prepared. Mumbai alone faces hundreds of cases of emergencies every day that happen due to road and fire accidents, medical traumas, assaults on women, leaving victims helpless and inadequately equipped to deal with such contingencies. 
In order to provide fast response and immediate assistance for  such emergencies, TOPSGRUP introduced TOPSLINE 1252, India’s first (and currently the fastest) private emergency response service on March 2004. Today, the service deploys over 100 well-equipped Life Brigades and Life Patrols across the city. Each Life Brigade is fully equipped with advanced emergency medical equipment like defibrillators, heart-lung machines, ECG, ventilators, a trained and well-equipped crew and more. TOPSLINE 1252 carries out rescue and evacuation processes as per international standards.
Whether it was the Mumbai’s 26 July deluge the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai that lasted over 60 hours, TOPSLINE 1252 crew saved hundreds of lives through exemplary acts of courage and bravery.




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    India's answer to the USA’s famed 911 Emergency Services, TOPSLINE 1252 is the country's fastest private Emergency Response Service. It provides crucial emergency response to life threatening situations within minutes. 

    The TOPSLINE 1252 fleet is equipped to meet a wide spectrum of emergencies, be it medical, fire, physical assaults, road accidents, gas leakages, intrusion, burglary or any other critical emergency. A regular individual TOPSLINE membership costs just Rs 2,200 for a year, which roughly comes at Rs 3 per day.

    TOPSLINE 1252 has tie-ups with hospitals and clinics located across the city for medical emergencies and work in coordination with Mumbai Police and Fire Brigade services. We assist victims in filing FIRs (First Information Reports), getting admitted to the hospitals, and even helping them reach safe places of their choice. 

    TOPSLINE 1252 clocks a guaranteed response time of 9-15 minutes to reach any location in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. Over the years, our average response time has come down to a blazing-fast6 minutes. This has been accomplished by strategically placing Life Brigades at designated spots covering all of Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai and Mira Road so that they are no more than 1.5 km away from a call. 

    Our crew members consist of ex-Servicemen, certified paramedics, and professional pilots. Each member is put through 310 hours of training as per the International Emergency Response and Rescue Curriculum designed by our international partner, Emergency Response Training, Louisiana, USA. With mobile tracking, RTS and Mobile Data Terminals, TOPSLINE is designed to work even when mobile networks fail.