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Event security has evolved over the years with improvement in physical security protocols combined with technological advances. Our Event Security teams come fully equipped with trained and licensed security officers, close protection officers, and bouncers in India recognised as among the best in the industry. TOPSGRUP has a proven track record of managing events ranging from weddings to large-scale concerts and exhibitions.
Our video surveillance technology is capable of facial recognition and our state-of-the-art CCTV cameras are capable of capturing high-quality footage. With the help of such tools, one can react faster when in the event of a crisis. Further, continuous monitoring and surveillance solutions help us identify threats, and immediate action can be initiated from the monitoring room at the first hint of trouble.
We take pride in securing top sports events like Champion's Trophy, IPL, World Cup, Pro Kabaddi, Indian Super League and Hockey League year after year, as well as globally-popular seasonal fests and concerts like Supersonic, Sunburn and others. We were also called upon to secure many prominent Bollywood celebrities as well as to ensure security at large-scale Bollywood events like Filmfare Awards, Star Screen Awards and Guild Awards.










Why choose us?

  • Scientific Approach

    At TOPSGRUP, securing events is not just about posting men in uniforms, it is about planning and executing an effective security plan based on risk assessment. We also formulate and maintain search and contingency plans, liaise with local authorities, and set up emergency response and staff training. 
  • Prepared For Terrorism

    We provide special training to our guards to manage large, high-risk events such as Football matches and other such large sports events, concerts, award ceremonies etc. with the capability to identify suspicious activities and read body language to predict threats. We have a team of retired senior police officers who have access to quick information on any terrorist activities which gives us sufficient time to prepare and meet threats head-on and safeguard lives and assets. 
  • Large Work Force Managers

    We can recruit, mobilise, train and manage large workforce while clients can focus on their core businesses. Moreover, TOPSGRUP manages a very strong and effective background-screening operation not only for its employees but also as a service offering to its clients.